Competition/Raffle Payment Gateways
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Competition/Raffle Payment Gateways

Competition/Raffle Payment Gateways

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Competition/Raffle Payment Gateways

Nochex is a UK-based payment gateway provider. They are one the largest payment service providers worldwide and have been doing so for many years. The company is partially owned by the Credit Suisse Group and they do a lot of trading in the currency markets. They accept the Euro as a payment method and have many ATMs that can do so. There are many websites that offer Nochex as a payment method.

Nochex uses a payment portal to facilitate online sales. Once you become a member of Nochex, you can open an account which will give you access to several payment gateways. You can either pay for the transactions in one transaction or you can take several payments from different accounts and then combine these into one big payment. One of the most common uses for Nochex is to facilitate competition/raffle websites.

Nochex’s payment gateway technology enables any UK-based online business to accept all major credit cards as well as e-checks. Nochex is very experienced in processing payments on the internet. Their payment gateway is easy to set up and very user-friendly. In fact, Nochex has been in business for many years, and they are constantly upgrading their technology to ensure that all customers have a secure and reliable experience when making internet payments with their products and services.

Nochex charges an up front fees for its credit card payment gateway, but this charge usually amounts to only about £15 per month,

Use Nochex for your Competiton/Raffle merchant account needs. Give your company a safe and dependable way to accept payments.

Finding a trustworthy competition merchant account for your raffle business might be difficult. Due to the perceived high risk, most mainstream payment systems, such as PayPal and Stripe, will not enable competitive company. Other high-risk suppliers charge hefty setup fees and require lengthy setup times.

Using Nochex for your skill-based competition or raffle provides you with a cost-effective and dependable method of payment!


Here are a some of the reasons why we are the market leaders in offering competitive merchant accounts to raffle businesses like yours...


Secure and Reliable Processing – 99.9% uptime and several acquiring banks in the background

Fast Setups – 3-5 day setup time contingent on a successful compliance check.

Approach Based on Consultation – helping you through the process of going online and being paid

Competitive Pricing – rates and fees that are appropriate for your company’s needs and cash flow

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